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Hao Yue section

product description:
1. Car-specific, perfect fit body
2. The main body of aluminum alloy sealed multi-cavity structure
3. Inlaid three-dimensional LOGO.
4. Philips original lamp beads, 300mAh, 3.6W.
5. Thicker bracket / 300KG super bearing capacity.
6.ABS + PC plastic bullet-proof plastic.
7. Original taste / original design / patent protection.
Water level: 7 to prevent the invasion of water intrusion lamps indefinitely in the water under a certain water pressure conditions, and to ensure the normal operation of lamps;
Dust Protection Level Definitions: Class 6 Dust-proof Fully protected against dust intrusion.
Product use protection GB level: IP67
Philips LED lamp beads safe use of test up to 10 million hours
Installation instructions / warranty card / certificate / wiring instructions, everything, Extreme products and service experience!